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King Salmon caught on the Alagnak River

Alaska Fishing for King Salmon – Three Rivers You Need to Fish

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Alaska has hundreds of rivers that have king salmon runs.   There are only a few that experience consistent runs with strong enough numbers that allow anglers a great chance to catch them on a daily basis throughout the season.  When you mention king salmon fishing to most...
Beautiful Dolly Varden caught with Angler's Alibi

The Case for Dolly Varden

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Dolly Varden must be considered one of the most beautiful fish in Alaska. They look like a close cousin to the Brook trout in the lower 48. Like the Brook trout, they appear to be hand painted by someone and at times take on the look of a circus clown with all their bright...
Strong Start to the 2017 Sockeye Salmon run on the Alagnak River

Rainbows, Salmon & Smiles – Strong Start to the 2017 Season

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Our first week was nothing more than amazing as usual, that is if you like sockeye salmon so thick that limits were taken daily on the fly while king salmon were in full force pushing the scales at over 40#’s per day…YES, our guides boated an average of 1 king per day...
Fly Fishing for Arctic Grayling is a must for anyone fishing Alaska

Fly Fishing Alaska for Beginners – Top 3 Fish to Target

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Fly-fishing in Alaska is definitely a bucket list item for most the are both new and seasoned to the sport. From my early beginnings in the sport, it was always at the pinnacle of my fishing dream trips, and I think I am not alone. Alaska fly fishing can range from “as good as it...
Arctic Char - Angler's Alibi Alaska

Bears & Trout – Opening week at Angler’s Alibi

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The opening of Angler’s Alibi went pretty smooth this month. We arrived at camp to find that the only damages over the winter were done by a bear in the fall. The bear tore off our plywood door cover in the back of our kitchen and went through the storm door, pushing in the...

Fly fishing for trophy Alaska trout

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There are so many lodges and do it yourself areas in Alaska that boast about catching “Trophy Alaska Rainbows”. So…What constitutes a “Trophy Alaska Rainbow” Truth is, just like the lower 48, they are not a dime a dozen. The next question is, what is...

Alaska Salmon Fishing on the Alagnak River

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When you think about an Alaska fishing vacation, you think about catching your limits of salmon and trout, surrounded by dramatically beautiful scenery. Experience the serenity of nature with nothing around you except the people you came with, your fishing guide and all that...
My Alaska fishing trip

Angler’s Alibi featured on New Alaska Fishing Website

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We want to thank a relatively new website about Alaska fishing lodges, www.myalaskanfishingtrip.com, for their feature article on the Angler’s Alibi fishing experience. The article gives a nice summary of the typical day that a guest will have at our camp; literally covering...