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The famous Alagnak River Braids

The Alagnak River Braids are a world famous fishery. The Braids are an area of the Alagnak River where the kings, silvers, chums, and pinks spawn. We access the Braids via our jet boat, as the water is very shallow in this part of the river system.  The whole area is almost entirely prime spawning gravel, with many different channels–making it a challenge to navigate, but a pleasure to fish.

We fish these channels weekly and target rainbow trout, grayling, and char. This section of the river fishes all summer long but is better before the salmon initially arrive and great when they start to spawn. We target rainbows with mouse patterns, dry flies, and streamers, but once the spawn starts up, we target them with egg patterns.

This starts the first week of August and lasts well into September. We do not fish for salmon in the Braids because they are in their spawning mode, and we feel they should be able to reproduce to keep the runs strong.

The only exception to this camp rule is the sockeye salmon which are not spawning while in the Braids but only traveling through. Sockeyes march straight up the river without taking long rest periods and are still chrome bright and full of fight.  This is a great change of pace from the salmon fishing back at camp, and many of our returning guests will not miss their weekly trip to the Braids of the Alagnak.

Alagnak River braids fishing for Alaska trophy rainbow trout Alagnak River rainbow trout with Angler's Alibi Alaska fly fishing lodge