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907-287-1288 (June-August)

The Alagnak River Tidewater is right where our lodge is located.  If you had to put a center point on the lower river where the tides affect the river, we would be the right at the center point.  We are six miles up river from the mouth as it enters Bristol Bay.  We could not ask for a better location to intercept the 5 species of salmon daily as they enter the river system.  The daily program is to utilize this location with little time in the boats traveling to the prime spots.  Sure, we fly-out and use one of our 3 jet boats to fish the braids almost daily, but we utilize our salmon fishing location to the fullest where you are never outside a ten minute boat ride from the lodge and its amenities.

The river literally flows backwards on the tides at our dock and fluctuates up to five feet in height on the bigger ones!  We have chrome bright salmon fishing daily in our program and can even take our guests out for some after dinner fishing if they did not get enough in during the day.  If you are looking for a place that has river fishing for salmon on the doorstep, then I think we are hard to beat.