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We offer Alaska fly-outs to fish for trophy-size Alaska leopard rainbow trout, arctic char, and grayling (see what we fish for) The fly-out fishing days are optional and not at all necessary to have a great fishing experience at Angler’s Alibi. They only add to the overall mix of what there is to see and fish for in the famous Bristol Bay Watershed.

We have been flying out to remote waters for two decades and know when and where to go to capitalize on peak salmon spawning times and the huge egg drop that the rainbows, char, and grayling gorge on for the long Alaskan winters. Below are a list of the main rivers we can fly you into (there are also some rivers I would rather leave off the site to keep them as untouched as possible).  These fly-outs can either be built into the cost of the trip or split among the total number of guests that are going – contact us for current pricing.

Moraine Creek and Funnel Creek

Moraine Creek and its tributary, Funnel Creek, are without a doubt the most sought after fly-out we offer. These 2 rivers produce the largest average size, and highest numbers of rainbow trout, than any location we fish. Sure, Moraine Creek can humble the best of anglers some days, but most of the days we fish here are filled with great numbers of trophy rainbows. This is definitely a must-fish river for the serious trout angler.

Successful fishing trip in AlaskaAlaska rainbow trout with Angler's AlibiFishing at Alaska Moraine Creek and Funnel Creek

Brooks River

Located in Katmai National Park is the fabled Brooks River. It is probably the most photographed sport fish river in the world. The falls at Brooks River are the best place in the world to capture the great Alaskan Brown Bears as they position themselves at the crest of the falls waiting for fresh sockeye salmon to jump into their waiting jaws.

This river is also a great place for targeting rainbow trout any week of the summer. It offers trout fishing more like rivers back in the lower 48 with good dry fly and nymph fishing. This river is a great fly-out for both bear viewing and fly-fishing.  Brooks is a ‘must’ river to fish the first 2 weeks of July, as at this time it’s like fishing in the cage at the zoo with all the numerous brown bears fishing up and down the river.

Alaska Bear Viewing at Brooks River FallsBrooks River Fishing in AlaskaRainbow Trout Fishing in Alaska

American Creek

American Creek has been voted one of the best fly fishing rivers in the world. This is in part to the huge numbers of char and rainbows that call it home in an amazing scenic setting. American Creek originates from Hammersley Lake in Katmai National Park. From its headwaters to its termination into Lake Colville, this river may have one of the largest average fish per mile counts in all of Alaska. The rainbows are aggressive and big, and the char average 18” plus!  This is a fantastic river and should be on the bucket list of any angler.

Fly Out Fishing Trip in AlaskaTrout Caught at American Creek in AlaskaFly Fishing at American Creek in Alaska

Contact Creek

Contact Creek sits just inside the Katmai National Park boundary. This fly-out requires a mile hike to get to the creek, therefore staying pretty pressure-free from the fly-out lodges. This fly-out has the highest average percentage of fish landed we offer.  Contact Creek is primarily a char fishery, but it does have some nice rainbows and a healthy population of grayling. The char are beautiful and average 16” to 18”. This is like catching brook trout all day long in the 18” range. Sight fishing for rainbows on this Creek is fun and challenging and is your best way to catch these strong fighting Alaskan leopard bows! Dry-fly fishing for rainbows, char and grayling is also a bonus here, as there can be some magnificent green drake (Ephemera danica) hatches that have a whole lot of noses looking up. This ranks as one of our guests all time favorite fly-outs.

Char Fishing on Contact Creek in AlaskaBristol Bay fly fishing lodgeArctic Grayling Fishing from Contact Creek Alaska

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