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Chum Salmon Fishing

Alaska Chum salmon are numerous on the Alagnak River and can be considered one of the most underrated fish species in Alaska. Unlike most Alaskan rivers, the chum salmon of the Alagnak enter the tidewater chrome bright and full of fight.

The Alagnak chum are often mistaken for silver salmon, as they have not begun to color up as they do in other rivers they enter. It is quite common for Alagnak River chum salmon to jump once hooked just like a silver salmon. There are two distinct runs of chum salmon on the Alagnak River: one begins the second week of July, and one begins the last week of July.

The runs overlap, making the chum a targeted species starting the second week of July, through the end of our season in mid-August. Chum hit flies on the strip, on the swing, and most importantly on top! They average 8 to 10 lbs and are per pound the hardest and longest fighting salmon in the Pacific, breaking more rods every year than any other species of salmon.

Chum Salmon Fly Patterns of the Alagnak River

Fly Patterns for Chum SalmonThe Alagnak River is famous in Alaska.  It is one of the top 5 salmon rivers in the world!  It’s two distinct runs of chum salmon are one of the most overlooked salmon runs.  The chums enter the Alagnak River chrome bright and full of fight.  The aggressive behavior from the ocean is still evident in the lower tidewater where Angler’s Alibi lodge is.  We fish these magnificent salmon while wading the tidewater sand bars.  The chum salmon stage and run the edges of the bars while heading upstream.  It is important to try and catch the “marching” or traveling chums.  These fish are the freshest and most acrobatic.  Anything pink really does the trick, but the key is to get down in front of their faces.  An intermediate sink tip line is our choice for the chums.  It works well either swinging flies, drifting flies, or even stripping flies.

The floating line is used as well.  YES, the chums hit top water wogs just like silvers do.  We also fish them with floating lines and weighted lines on sunny days with a dead drift presentation.  The chum salmon are awesome game fish, and are appreciated by  all our guests at Angler’s Alibi.

Despite their bad reputation for table fare from the natives, we continually serve our guests catch of fresh caught chum salmon almost every week we are open.   This meat is light salmon colored, and light salmon taste.  We use it for our beer battered fish tacos and appetizers.  It truly is one of our guests favorite meal items at Angler’s Alibi.

This selection of flies will catch not only chum salmon, but also silvers, pinks, and kings as well.

The pink spectrum is by far the #1 producer for chums on the Alagnak.  All these flies can be viewed and purchased at Alaska Fly Fishing Goods.  Please note that Angler’s Alibi supplies all flies and tackle at no extra charge.