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Angler’s Alibi: A Day in the Life at an Alaska Fishing Lodge

Times are approximate, but realistic to give you an idea of what a day at Angler’s Alibi holds for our guests. And remember: this is your Alaskan fishing vacation. If you want to sleep in, the choice is yours.

6:00 am – Guests rise and shine to tent service of their morning beverage, possibly a mocha, hot chocolate, or tea, and head over to the dining tent.

6:30 am – Breakfast is served, for those guests that want to capitalize on a minimum 9 hour day of guided fishing. Breakfast is made to order, including eggs, pancakes, french toast, omelets, bacon, sausage, and often includes a special menu item from Jackson, our executive chef.  There is always cereal, oatmeal, pastries and fresh fruit as well.

7:00 am – Guides will have the boats warming up at the dock in preparation for a full day of fishing loaded up with rods, flies, and all necessary equipment for the day. After a short boat ride up or downriver from camp, the fishing begins.

Noon – Lunch on the river, from coolers loaded with custom ordered sandwiches, homemade cookies and soup,chips, full thermoses of coffee and other beverages of choice. If the weather is cold and wet, guides and guests return to camp for a hot lunch and to dry any clothes from the morning fishing session.

1:00 pm – More fishing! Guests may wish to change up the species targeted for the afternoon, or continue to go for that “50 fish landed in a day” goal that many desire.

4:30 pm – After a full day of world-class guided fishing, it is time to head in and have a nice hot shower – enough for everyone!

4:45 pm – Cocktail hour! Various hot appetizer specials and freshly smoked salmon await the guests daily, and Chef Jackson  does a great job to keep this daily event filled with new items. He makes it challenging to watch your waistline with such an assortment of culinary treats.

6:30 pm – Dinner is served!  It always starts with warm oven-baked bread accompanied by a fresh salad. Entrées range from prime rib to chicken parmesan, and of course, freshly caught salmon—there’s no better way to enjoy fish than when it was swimming just a few hours prior!

7:30 pm – Dessert is served along with coffee or after dinner drinks. Part of the reason we have so many guests return is due to these magnificent creations.

8:00 pm – After a full course meal, some guests will elect to retire back to their tent for a good read, or stay in the new dining room to socialize, tend the bar, or play a game of cards or a board game. Some guests will choose to head back out for even more fishing if their arms and eyelids will allow!

10:00 pm – The generator goes off at 10:00 pm every night so that we can rest alongside the sounds of nature. You can actually hear fish jumping in the river, and sand hill cranes in the tundra. This is truly an amazing way to fall asleep every night of the summer.