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The Nushagak River (or ‘Nush’ as it’s known) is located about a 20 minute float plane trip from the main Anglers Alibi camp on the Alagnak River.  The Nushagak River flows southwest for about 280 miles to Nushagak Bay, which is an inlet of Bristol Bay.

Anglers Alibi has an early season “king camp” located on a prime spot on the Nushagak River, just above the fork between the two main channels near Portage Creek.  This section of the river boasts premier king salmon fishing on the tides daily…in numbers that will blow you away!  The king salmon counts on sonar on the Nushagak River average over 100,000 kings almost every year!

This is a very special river with a lot of potential to take that king salmon on a fly.  The King Camp, operated by Anglers Alibi, offers early season options to target that great king salmon run – trips run from June 19th to July 7th (and include the option to fish the Alagnak River as well).

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Tidewater king salmon

Catching kings daily on the tides, chrome bright and full of fight!