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Alagnak River silver salmon fly fishing

Silver salmon run 2014, Alagnak River Alaska

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The silver salmon run of 2014 on the Alagnak River in remote Bristol Bay Alaska was somehow even better than the previous season.  The Alagnak River saw a little push of silvers during the fourth week of July, but the run exploded again starting August 1st and lasted well beyond...
Landing the salmon

Alaska salmon on the fly part 2

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Fishing for Alaska salmon on the fly is something that every serious fly angler should do.  It really exemplifies the true essence of fly fishing with big water, big fish, and eager numbers of takes that you can achieve in a days worth of fishing, especially on the Alagnak River...
Spey fishing Alaska with Angler's Alibi

Spey fishing Alaska

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Spey fishing Alaska is beginning to be more the norm than the oddity.  We have been honing our skills on this two handed technique for years and love the how we can move a whole lot of line with very little effort.  This two handed cast is ideal for fishing the...

Alaska Salmon Fly Fishing Lodge

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Angler’s Alibi is a great example of what an Alaska salmon fly fishing lodge should be. We are literally right on the Alagnak River. With this location right in the center of the tidewater section of the Alagnak River, we can fish for Alaska salmon on the fly every day we...
Spey fishing Alaska with Angler's Alibi on the Alagnak River

Alagnak River

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The Alagnak River is one of the top five salmon rivers in the world.  It originates from the mountains and streams of Katmai National Park. The famous Funnel Creek, Moraine Creek, Kulik lake and River all feed the mighty Alagnak River. These lakes and rivers eventually feed into...
Alaska salmon fly fishing

Alaska Salmon Fly Fishing

Angler’s Alibi, a true Alaska salmon fly fishing lodge, is almost full for the 2013 season.  Planning a trip to some of the top lodges in Alaska is usually done almost a year in advance.  Availability is usually scarce.  We only have a few spots left for 2013, and some are...

Alaska Fly Fishing Lodge

Angler’s Alibi is near full for the upcoming 2013 Alaska fishing season.  There are still a few spots left, and the fishing during the week we have openings in is amazing!   It is in fact the highest catch rate for silver salmon and chum salmon combined.  It is totally...

Taking kids fishing at Angler’s Alibi Alaska

Taking your child or grandchildren fishing at Angler’s Alibi Alaska is a great opportunity to share your passion. If it weren’t for my father who shared his love for fishing with me at such an early age, I may never be where I am today in the fishing industry. The...