561.222.9416 (September-May)
907-287-1288 (June-August)

Flight Information

Now that you have signed up for  a trip to Angler’s Alibi, you need to arrange your flights to King Salmon.  The only flights to King Salmon are coming from Anchorage, therefore you MUST fly to Anchorage.  Several airlines fly to Anchorage daily, but only 2 airlines fly to King Salmon daily: Alaska Airlines and Pen Air.  All guests have to be in King Salmon before 10am on the day their week at Angler’s Alibi starts.  Some guests elect to arrive the evening before the start date at Angler’s and overnight at a hotel in King Salmon.  The flight service that flies you to camp via a float plane will either pick you up at the hotel if you overnight in King Salmon, or at the airport if you choose to arrive on an AM flight the day of float plane transfer. On the departure day, your flight out of King Salmon must be after 1pm to avoid any fog delays Saturday morning.

If you have any questions about your travel guide arrangements, please contact us via email, phone, or use the Request Information section on the right hand side of this page prior to booking a non-refundable ticket(s).

Pen Air http://www.penair.com/

Be sure to ask for a lodge rate and mention you are staying at Angler’s Alibi.  This will give you a small discount on the flight, but more importantly, no extra fees if you decide to change your flight times.

Alaska Airlines http://www.alaskaair.com/

Hotels in Anchorage

Millennium Hotel (907) 243-2300

Courtyard by Marriott (800) 314-0782

Holiday Inn Express  (877) 834 3613

Hotels in King Salmon

King Salmon Inn  (907) 246-3444

Antlers Inn  (888) 735-8525