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Trophy Alaska Rainbow Trout

Alaska Rainbow trout are by far the number one targeted species of fish in this part of Alaska. The Bristol Bay Watershed is the only designated trophy trout area in the state. We fly our guests out to fish for these leopard bows at prime times to take full advantage of the salmon spawn.

We also fish the Braids of the Alagnak targeting rainbow trout on dry flies, mice, and streamers. These Alaskan rainbow trout, also referred to as “leopard bows”, fight harder per pound than any other trout in the lower 48. The lodge industry was founded on rivers like the fabled Brooks River, and we keep this and many more in our quiver of rivers to fish throughout the season.

Some rivers will see rainbows at an average of 22”, while others will see an average of 16”. With the smaller average size rivers, there is usually a higher catch rate. We recommend using a 7 wt. rod for Alaska rainbows as they are harder fighting trout compared to the norm in the lower 48.

Shark like Rainbow Trout ferociously attack roe under the fillet table of Angler’s Alibi Lodge, Alagnak River, Bristol Bay Watershed Alaska. 35″+, 14lb+.

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