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Alagnak River silver salmon run of 2014

Welcome to Angler's Alibi

Angler’s Alibi is a Premier Alaska Fishing Lodge!

Unbelievable silver fishing in August!

Top 5 King Salmon River.

Alaska's only designated trophy trout area.

2 to 1 guest to guide ratio.

Right in the center of the tidewater on the Alagnak River.

80% to 90% return rate!

Unbelievable Wildlife Viewing!

Endless sunsets in the land of the midnight sun.

Angler’s Alibi is a Premier Alaska Fishing Lodge

  • World class king, silver, sockeye, chum, and pink salmon Alaska fly fishing lodge
  • Fly-out trophy trout fishing in famous Bristol Bay Watershed
  • Fly-in access only, secluded location
  • Return rate of guests at 80 to 90 percent
  • 2 to 1 guest to guide ratio, 12 guests max 
  • Best food in its class

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Angler’s Alibi, a premier Alaska fishing lodge,  may be the best example of what an Alaskan fishing experience is supposed to be.  Our location – no roads or crowds, just unbelievable fishing, spectacular scenery, and an abundance of wildlife, our years of experience – over 20 years in business; and our guest/guide ratio (2:1) ensure plenty of individual attention, and an Alaskan fishing program tailored to your expectations.

Our location on the tidewater section of the Alagnak River means that we have great fishing right off our shoreline, even right off the dock!  We utilize 6 guide boats, 6 guides, and take only 12 guests per week.  This makes our fishing program very easy to customize according to the guests' wishes. We offer 9 hours of guided fishing every day, and if that is not enough, we will take guests out after dinner until our 9pm curfew.  If this is too much time fishing and not enough time relaxing, no problem – we let the guests dictate how much time they want to fish.

We are fishing for king, sockeye, silver, chum & pink salmon when they are still in their ocean feeding patterns, chrome bright and full of fight. It is possible to land all 5 species of Pacific salmon without ever leaving camp. The fishing and wading is extremely easy on the Alagnak River. The best salmon fishing on the Alagnak River is within a ten minute boat ride from camp and some of the very best fly fishing water on the Alagnak River is literally right out our front door. We also provide optional guided fly-outs to some of Alaska's other very best rainbow trout, arctic char, and grayling streams.

Thanks for checking us out online. Make sure to consume the photos, day-in-the-life, and other camp information, and call us to book a premier Alaska fishing lodge trip of a lifetime!