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World Class Alaska Guides

Capt. John Perry, Owner/Manager:

Catching clowned up char in Katmai National Park

Catching clowned up char in Katmai National Park

John grew up in Michigan on an island called Grosse Ile, in the mouth of the Detroit River and Lake Erie. It was here, surrounded by great fishing and waterfowl hunting that John developed a passion for the outdoors. John moved to Colorado to chase trout in the summers and ski patrol in the winters. John had the privilege to start guiding for Angler’s Alibi with his fly fishing mentor TR Rafferty the second year it was in business. He left a head guide job in Colorado to pursue bigger and better fish.

Over the years he has enjoyed developing lifelong friendships with the guests and witnessing the most consistent, unbelievable fishing this planet has to offer. John will continue to offer a superior level of service to guests at Angler’s Alibi and will keep the fishing program the utmost priority. He resides in Colorado in the off season with his wife Holly, and their 2 boys, River and Grey.

Dr. and Capt. Jim Tilley

Alaska guide with Angler's Alibi, Alaska fly fishing guide lodge Alagnak RiverJim started fishing the Alagnak as a guest at Angler’s Alibi in the lodge’s first year, 1994. He has been back every year since, and as a guide for the last 10 years. Jim is a Colorado native living in the Northern Arizona Mountains and works part time as a veterinarian when he isn’t fishing.

He loves backpacking into the Grand Canyon to fly-fish the Colorado River and its tributaries. Over the years Jim has made countless friends with the guests and staff members alike at Angler’s Alibi. The Alagnak and the nearby fly-out destinations are his favorite waters in the world to fish.

Capt. T.R. Rafferty

Alaska guide with Angler's Alibi Alaska fly fishing lodge Bristol Bay AlaskaT.R is originally from Michigan, where he grew up fishing lakes and small streams for trout, pan-fish, bass and pike. In his teen years, he started fishing the tributaries for lake run coho and Chinook salmon both on the fly and with gear. He moved to Colorado in the late 70’s and began fishing for trout in the many rivers west of Denver around Summit Co.

He began guiding in 1986 and fished rivers like the Blue, South Platte, Colorado, Eagle and high mountain lakes. He has been a certified Fly Casting Instructor since 1992 and still teaches fly-tying during the winter months. He guided on the Alagnak from 1993 to 1997 and helped start what is now Angler’s Alibi. He now resides in Driggs, Idaho, just west of Jackson, Wyoming.  During the summer months he fishes and guides on the Teton, South Fork, Henry’s Fork, Snake, and other streams and rivers in the Greater Yellowstone area. He spends his winter months chasing Largemouth Bass in East Texas and also fishes the Gulf Coast for Redfish and Speckled Trout.

TR is now an integral part of our spey casting program at Angler’s.  TR is by far the best casting instructor we have and can have a total beginner throwing tight loops on the single handed rod, or throwing the “snap T” on the double handed fly rod.  This has been a fun and new way to catch salmon on the fly at Angler’s the past couple of seasons.

Capt. John Landry

Capt. John Landry at Angler's Alibi Alaska fly fishing lodge guided fishingCaptain John Landry will be returning to the Alagnak River again with Angler’s Alibi.  John spends his summers with us and lives and guides in Southwest Florida the rest of the year. In Florida, John guides customers for tarpon, snook, redfish, and permit. He has experience fishing all over the country, from stalking big browns and rainbows in Montana to chasing bluefin tuna off Cape Cod.  His reputation at Angler’s Alibi is one of high regard. John Landry is no doubt one of the best guides to ever work the waters on the Alagnak River with Angler’s Alibi in 20 years.  He is highly requested week in and week out with the customers at Angler’s.  Everyone of the customers wants a chance to spend some quality time on the river with John during their week.

John’s two favorite salmon are the king and silver salmon which he loves to target on the fly. When he is not making his customers laugh and enjoy catching huge salmon on the fly, he can be found back at Angler’s utilizing his “bush” carpentry skills to add some great rustic touches to the place like his custom made railing systems.

Capt. Lance Dutton

Alaska guide Angler's Alibi Alaska guided fishing Alagnak River Alaska salmon guideLance Dutton comes from the greater Denver area.   He is a well versed guide with skills in all aspects of not only fly fishing, but spin fishing as well.  He developed some new techniques last season on the Alagnak River, uncovering some unknown grayling water very close to our lodge in the tidewater, once thought of as not being a grayling area in the river system.  He is also ver y knowledgeable with mechanical items around camp and is our go to for anything needing a fix.  And one more thing, Lance is a great chef as well and is our personal chef during the set up month of June.

We look forward to having lance with us this coming summer as a member of our guide staff yet again.  He brought a great vibe to our guide staff last year with his multiple skills both on the water and around the lodge.  If we have motor issues, or have to try and catch some fish quick, lance is our Alaska fishing guide!

Capt. Chris Emmens (Thermo)

IMG_0962Chris Emmens has been with Angler’s Alibi for 3 seasons now, and will be a welcome addition to the guide staff in 2016.  Chris brings incredible fly fishing skills as well as fly tying skills to the table.  He was featured in last January’s issue of Fish Alaska magazine as THE guide that took out world renowned angler Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf.  Chris guided Pudge to several incredible days of fishing at Angler’s Alibi and it really showed just how much she liked his guiding skills in the article.  It is no doubt that Chris is a not only a great guide, but also a great employee willing to do anything to help our team or assist in customer service for our guests.  He has done everything at our camp, and we are all so excited to have him join our guide staff this coming summer.

Capt. Russel Owen

image-2Russel Owens is no newcomer to the Alagnak River.  He cut his teeth working for another lodge way up above the braids, fishing the upper stretches of the Alagnak River system daily and even piloting jet boats up and over the falls of the Big Ku River to reach tributaries we only fly to!  Needless to say, with our second jet boat being added to the fleet this summer, Russ will be a welcome guide to the already successful braids fishing program we offer.  He will be commercial fishing down in the bay for most of July, but will come in later in the month to finish out the season with us.  He will  then move on to guiding duck hunters for primarily sea ducks down the chain on Island X.  This is a huge passion we share for waterfowl and he hand carves his own decoys for his hunters to hunt over.  They are artwork in themselves and we will be sure to have a few around camp this summer for added artwork.