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Alaska Lodge Accommodations

Angler’s Alibi offers unbelievable Alaska fishing and wildlife viewing, is accessible only by float plane, is over 250 miles from the nearest highway, and has a maximum capacity of only 12 guests. This is the trip most folks visualize when they think of Alaska. You won’t be roughing it: Our Alaska lodge accommodations are comfortable Weatherport tent cabins as your home base, complete with carpeted wood floors, electricity, heat and daily housekeeping service.

There are 2 full guest shower rooms, and 1 for the staff. The hot water is unlimited coming from our on demand hot water heater. There are 3 flush commodes for the camp guests, and one for dedicated for the staff. We provide laundering services on a daily basis to all guests. There is a phone at camp, and we also have a satellite phone for our fly-outs and as a back up for emergencies.  If for any reason there was a medical emergency, there is a doctor within a 30 minute flight from camp.  Our camp is surrounded by an electric fence — you can rest peacefully at night knowing you will not have any 4-legged friends outside your tent.

At Angler’s Alibi, our fishing program is first priority, and we believe that you should be catered to in every way possible. Whether you fly out to fish on another stream or stay on the Alagnak, you will have the opportunity to spend more guided time on the water than you would at most other Alaska lodges. You will be wined, dined and well rested so you can take advantage of this opportunity. Several of our guests have fished at other Alaska area lodges before visiting us. According to our guests, they finally experienced their ultimate Alaskan fishing trip at Angler’s Alibi. We will gladly supply you with a list of references.

Note: With only twelve guests per week, and only 2 guests per boat, if you want or need to take a break, this is easily accommodated, without affecting the other guests’ fishing time.