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Spey Fishing

The Alagnak River is a great place to go Alaska spey fishing with a spey rod. The river is wide and forgiving to the spey angler. With the preferred presentation being the swing, the spey rod is an ideal tool to use to catch the chum, silvers, and pink salmon that come over the shallow sand bars on their way up from the salt water on the tides. The wading is very safe and sure footed with a hard sand bottom and mild current.

A floating or intermediate sink tip is the head of choice on a 9 wt. spey rod.  This combination with a pink marabou or tube fly is deadly on the chums, silvers, and pinks. The king salmon can also be fished for with a spey rod, as we intercept them on their way up river or in their holding lies. A deeper presentation is used for kings, as they prefer to rest in the deeper runs.

A 300 to 400 grain tip is best, but we use a 300 grain almost exclusively for the kings. We provide the spey rods for those anglers interested in trying a change of pace from the traditional single hand fly rod. Our guides are fly casting instructors as well and would be happy to give lessons on the river. There is no better way to try it than when you can catch a salmon on just about every cast!

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