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Pink Salmon

Pink salmon run only in even years on the Alagnak River. This is the smallest of the salmon species but also the most numerous. They typically start running by the fourth week of July and end the third week of August. Pinks eagerly attack a stripped fly with reckless abandon. They also hit dry flies (as do chums and silvers) and are a great fighting fish for their size; often looking like big trout, often jumping several times after being hooked. At an average of 3 to 5 lbs, pinks are probably the most aggressive salmon in the river

Pink salmon fly patterns of the Alagnak River

Fly Patterns for Pink Salmon

The pink salmon are another very underrated salmon species. They fight just like a nice Alaska rainbow trout, yet have that little extra fight for their size since they came straight from the ocean. They hit flies in the pink spectrum very well, and will hit any presentation including top water flies!

These pink salmon flies work very well, because the pinks have a habit of short striking flies. Therefore, we cut the material just short of the bend of the hook, allowing very few missed-strikes.  You can find these flies at Alaska Fly Fishing Goods. Please note that Angler’s Alibi supplies all flies and tackle at no extra charge.

Guided Alaska fishing with Angler's Alibi Alaska on the Alagnak River AlaskaAngler's Alibi Alaska fishing guide with antoher pink salmon on the fly