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 Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye salmon run from approximately the 29th  of June through the 25th of July in the tidewater. The best week for sockeye fishing at Angler’s Alibi is the first week we are open, the first week of July (see our fishing calendar).  This has not changed in the 20 years we have been in business, and remains the best week to take home daily limits of sockeye without an issue.We can target them the first three weeks of the season, as nearly one million sockeye swim up the Alagnak River to spawn in tributaries above the Nonvianuk and Kukaklek lakes.

Sockeye are targeted while they are traveling.  They do not actually strike the fly, so swinging the fly leader through the mouth is the technique.  Yes, they are “flossed” in the mouth, so fly selection is really using flies that you can see or are weighted to get down in their travel depth.  Below are several patterns we like.

We like to find shallow areas where the sockeye are very visible and not as much weight is needed to get down in their lane.  We use either split shot on the leader or lead core line integrated into the leader to achieve the perfect travel depth to get in their mouths.  Corners in the river are usually best as they hug the bank well here and are usually shallow.


Sockeye Salmon Fly Patterns for the Alagnak River

Sockeye Salmon Fly PatternsThese Sockeye Salmon Fly Patterns work all over Alaska for sockeye salmon. We fish these salmon while they are traveling fresh from the salt, dime bright, and prime for the table. Since sockeyes will not readily eat flies while traveling, they are lined in the mouth. This is the method in Alaska, for this species only, as they will not hit flies that often. Sockeyes will, however, hit flies while trying to spawn. During this time when they are fully colored up and decomposing from the outside in, we do not fish for them. These flies can be found at Alaska Fly Fishing Goods, as we have found they carry the best selection of Alaska fly patterns. Please note that Angler’s Alibi supplies all flies and tackle at no extra charge.

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