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Fishing in Alaska involves a simple approach when staying at an Alaska fly fishing lodge. Our lodge has a washer and dryer available 24/7 to all guests. This allows our guests to pack light, and know that if there is a need to have some fresh clothes while on the Alaska fishing trip of a lifetime, it is easy to do!

The weather can be as cold as highs in the 50’s, raining and windy…to as warm as 80 degrees, sunny and balmy. I tell all our guests to be prepared for the worst, and layer so that when the mercury does rise, you can always shed your clothing.

I love the synthetic fleece and thermal base layers offered by many clothing companies. I also love the traditional wool garments as well for the fact that they dry well and insulate if they do get wet.  Below you will find an example of a packing list that I feel would work well for a 7 day trip to Angler’s Alibi.

Please note: Alaska is a FELT FREE state, so NO FELT WADING SHOES are allowed. Please bring lugged soled wading boots. Cleats or studs are not allowed on the float planes or boats as they tear up the floors and pontoons.

1)  Breathable waders

2) Waterproof wading jacket

3) 2 base layer bottoms, synthetic or merino wool

4) 4 base layer tops, synthetic or merino wool

5) 1 pair fleece wading pants, 200 gram minimum.  Can be ordinary fleece pants.

6) 4 pairs of mid weight socks, 4 pairs of thin base layer socks.  Both synthetic, wool or wool blend

7) 2 fleece heavyweight zip t neck tops, or 2 wool and or fleece collared shirts

8) 2 wool sweaters, or 1 wool sweater and 1 fleece jacket

9)  1 hooded sweatshirt, or comparable warm shirt

10) 1 wool hat, or ski hat

11) 2 pairs of fingerless gloves, 1 wool and 1 fleece if possible

12) travel attire for coming and going.  A few t-shirts, a few long sleeve t- shirts.  This part is more personal according to how you dress.  Please know that we are always a casual place, no need to wear a tie to dinner here despite some of the meals.

13) 7 pairs of underwear, slippers or something to wear around the lodge that you can slip on, and maybe a pair of sweat pants or flannel pajamas.  Again, there is no dress code, and it is usually very casual.

This list pretty much sums up what you would need for a good start packing.  Obviously you still need to add in personal items.